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Not everything we could have wanted to put on the box set made it. This is for various reasons. Not so much time constraints (as the CDs run well under their full recording time capacity) but for technical issues as well as artistic. The box set was not meant to be just a unorganized collection of material from all walks of life. There was a cohesive-ness that was aimed for and therefore, there were some omissions that were tough calls. Here we'd like to present a few of those unlucky tracks and discuss them a bit.

LILILILILU - Live August 25, 2000
Mp3 Download (2.15Mb)
This is the first time the song was performed ever. BJ was still unsure of words and how to sing but the band was rocking. Unfortunately, there are serious technical issues with the source material. The recordings, made directly to MiniDisc, were slightly corrupted with dropouts present. This was corrected in 2000 by adding different effects. Unfortunately, this work-around was not too pleasant to the ears and therefore the decision was ultimately to not include this track.

SOHPHISTICATED ROCK CHICK - Early rough mix, Sept. 2002
Mp3 Download (2.18Mb)
This was originally slated as track 3 on the Choice PLAY disc, but unfortunately it's sound did not fit there, or anywhere on the disc and was eliminated. It is a rough mix, done for reference before the final mix sessions took place and one can hear much variation between this version and the final.

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